2018-2019 advocacy focus

Louisiana Grading Scale

Louisiana students are bright and ambitious but when it comes to nation-wide scholarships and college admissions, Louisiana students are not able to compete on a level playing field with our 7 point grading scale.  Establishing a new system will enable our students to compete nationally and will also improve Louisiana's national education rankings.

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Mental Health Education and Providers

Establishing mental health educational programs and improving professional support to Louisiana students promotes student mental health and school safety.

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TOPS Education Funding

Higher education funding for the Louisiana TOPS program provides our students with more job opportunities, higher wages and job security.  Our community also benefits from TOPS by improving our economy.

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PTSA Advocacy Guidelines

What we need to do


St. Tammany School Board

Guidelines on speaking at a St. Tammany School Board meeting.

Meeting Guidelines

Louisiana Government

Our Louisiana State Government.

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